social media and brand strategy


target market

For the shopper that wants to make a difference, leave a legacy and make history. 

  • Young people who care about the environment and their personal aesthetic
  • Predominantly an Australia/New Zealand audience
  • Mostly aged 20-30
  • Avatar breakdown: 
  • Younger demographic cares about sustainable and natural products.
  • Listens to Triple J, likes discovering new artists before anyone else
  • Will advocate for brands and share brands with friends if they perceive it to be a worthy cause.
  • Regularly goes to festivals, does yoga, lives in the inner city, loves going to cafes and uses reusable shopping bags. 
  • Interested in climate change and having a positive impact on the community and environment. Wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Humanitarian influence - highly responsive to emotion & storytelling
  • Typical Millennial demographic, seeking meaning and value in their existence.
  • Strongly influenced by Minimalist movement. Hence, they purchase consciously and ethically. 
  • Shops at EcoStore, ThankYou products, Glue Store, General Pants Co.
    Follows and shops independent brands & regularly purchases on Instagram. Uses "Who Gives a Crap" toilet paper. In supermarkets, our avatar will choose organic products. Regularly goes to farmers markets even if it is only for the social aspect. 
  • Primary need: to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves; to feel a sense of community; to endorse brands that align with their personal values; to feel informed and educated and to have a positive impact on the environment, making a change for future generations.
  • Secondary need: to be ahead of the curve; to be perceived as "stylish"; setting trends; individualistic; unique; a definitive need to discover new things always.
  • Pain point: feels overwhelmed by the saturation in the eco-friendly market. Seeking a point of difference. On a practical level, wants a water bottle that is easy for identify and hard to lose. 
  • Gain point: These customers quickly become strong advocates for Worthy because they identify with the strong environmental cause and also because they want to be the first on the band wagon. 

Key Messages

Enable our community to forge their own freedom and find their own worth. 

We help people to make a contribution to our planet's future

We are a movement of passionate people creating generational change.

Sustainable cause with a unique persona

Good for the environment, good for others and good for yourself


brand messaging

1. Creator Archetype
Core: to create things of enduring value
Goal: to realize a vision, to create culture, express own visio
Fear: mediocre vision or execution
Strategy: develop artistic control and skill
Motto: If you can imagine it, it can be done

The Creator is also known as: The artist, inventor, innovator, musician, writer or dreamer. The creator has strong talents in creativity and imagination.

2. Explorer Archetype
Core: the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world
Goal: to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life
Fear: getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness
Strategy: journey, seeking out and experiencing new things, escape from boredom
Motto: Don't fence me in

The explorer is also known as: The seeker, iconoclast, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim. This archetype has strong talents in autonomy, ambition and being true to one's soul. 



Brand feeling

- Our follower is part of something bigger than themselves; a sustainable movement that allows you to be unique.

- Feels young & trendy with a strong focus on millennials

- Vision is clear and communicated without jargon or technical language. It's easy to understand.

- Edgy, cool, excitable, light and fun

- Friendly, clever

- Informed yet accessible

- Strong sense of purpose and drive, a movement with a goal in sight, a groundswell of momentum

- Promoting freedom and self worth

- Targeting and appealing to intellectual young people who feel stirred to make a difference

- Opportunity to create a legacy.




Screenshot 2018-08-06 11.55.52.png

Tone guide

Tag lines, slogans to consider:

The world needs us now more than ever. 

Our world is worth preserving. Our water bottles are made from 100% sustainable materials 🌿

Reducing waste and making a change, one bottle at a time. Join the Worthy movement #wthy

A movement of like minds creating a better future, today. 
Join the Worthy solution #wthy

Brimming with benefits, this business brings people together for a greater cause.

By purchasing Worthy it shows that you care.

Water that is changing the world. 

For the shopper that wants to make a difference.

Leave a legacy and make history. 


Screenshot 2018-08-03 18.04.09.png



Tone is conversational yet powerful

Evocative, strong calls to action

High use of nature based emojis

Occasional pop culture references and hashtags

Strong engagement with followers and fans

Personalised and authentic

Grandiose and inspiring

Excitable and engaging

Never dry or dull, always vibrant and filled with purpose



Social media

Goals & Objectives:

  • Share the key message: "leave a legacy and make a difference" through Instagram and Facebook
  • To visually portray key messages in all interactions online
  • Intentionally and consistently present Worthy as a unique and preferred option within the sustainable water bottle market
  • To create a recognisable style and brand through strong and professional imagery and content
  • Reach 3,000 Instagram followers by August 2019 (roughly 250 new followers per month)
  • Engage with followers daily and create a movement around the brand

Content Plan:

  • Post frequency: 4-5 times per week on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Facebook content can include occasional related articles about sustainable practices etc. 
  • Instagram content remains heavily lifestyle based.
  • Regular reposts of user generated content
  • Consider influencer campaigns in order to reach more followers and generate more UGC
  • Quote posts based on SM tiles provided by Lala Social Club


  • 60% should be longer form content. Include information about the power of the product, information about suppliers and community around WTHY. Express the "why" behind WTHY and the part that we all play. This is a chance to be emotive and tell your story. This has to feel genuine. A constant invitation to join the movement. Make it feel like it's something bigger than just a water bottle. 

  • 40% should be simple, emotive, one sentence captions (particularly for reposts and UGC)


Clean and crisp photography

Bright, fresh and lively

Coastal vibes, white space

80s colour palette, strong primary colours

Overlay of bright coloured squiggles over images (as per image below)

Vibrant, bright colours, high contrast

Aspirational and authentic

80s street style

Strong focus on user generated content from target audience (e.g. travelling with Worthy bottles #takeyourworthwithyou or #withworthy)

Screenshot 2018-08-06 12.07.38.png
Screenshot 2018-08-06 12.16.01.png