Our team are wildly unique; the best kind of weird.


Laura Robertson / Founder and Creative Director

Laura began Lala Social Club in 2016 with a MacBook and a whole bunch of ideas. She's known for her keen design eye, and for 'upping the creative ante' for a swag of fine businesses. Cleverly articulate, she reaches across social demographic somehow connecting all sorts of people.
Laura's marketing intuition is unparalleled in a snappy, ever-changing social sphere. With a passion for helping people discover their unique online identity and an intuitive approach to social media, Laura is sure to solve a problem you didn't even know you had.


Nate / Video and Photo

Nate is a genius filmmaker and photographer who sees life in motion picture. Having worked for a number of production companies, Nate has a way of seeing your vision, understanding it and visually encapsulating it within moments. Don't let his calm demeanour fool you, he's thinking of a thousand ways to make your brand part of his next Sundance Film. Really though.


Cherie / Graphic Design and BRanding

Cherie has worked for a number of agencies in the past. With a unique style and a penchant for creating the most wonderfully obscure of colour paletes, Cherie works closely with our branding team to create your visual identity. Powerful yet simple, our designs are sure to make your brand stand out

Mill Rob

Millie / Content Creation and Account management

Millie is our in house content creator. She is a brilliant writer with a passion for the overall aesthetic and style of a brand. Millie manages day to day client relations and works closely with Laura on all campaigns. Side note: If you ever get the privilege of seeing Millie on a dance floor, you will be glad.