corporates and professionals, listen up!

The corporate training isn’t just for people who want to grow their business (which, I mean is probably all of us, right?). This training is for people who are serious about creating and nurturing a community online and are prepared to invest time and money.

So, how does it work?

Well, we can host you and your team at our offices in Newcastle or we can come to you. We provide tailored training based on the needs of your business. There’s nothing general about what we do in these sessions. It’s all customised for you.

This training is for people who want to get serious about social media and drive real results in their business. We work around you and your team and your training budget.

What do we cover?

Loads! But here are a few things we find helpful for corporate training.

  • Social Media Strategy + Best Practice

  • Creating scroll-stopping content and how to share your story in a digital age

  • Facebook & Instagram advertising

  • Content planning and scheduling (including our ideas and how you can implement them!)

  • Understanding the Facebook algorithm (and how to work with it)

  • How to grow organically and how to run collaboration campaigns

  • How to integrate social media into your overall digital strategy

  • Productivity tips and tricks - how we effectively manage all our channels daily!

  • Influencer marketing

  • Video marketing

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