The Lala List: Wilder Vincent

Wilder Vincent
Wedding filmmaker
Sydney, NSW

Sam Vincent's new wedding film project is here. 

There’s something enigmatic and inherently elusive about Wilder Vincent. A master of the narrative and a visual romantic, Wilder Vincent not only documents your wedding day, but captures your love story in a way that only he can.

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Sam has always dreamt of the day when he could create innovative content; films that have no creative limits. This is the vision behind Wilder Vincent. Though he is elusive, Sam is no stranger to the spotlight. You may have seen Sam's photographs on the covers of White Magazine and featured in Hello May and The Lane (to name but a few).

And there's a reason why. Wilder Vincent takes perhaps the most anticipated moment of your life and crafts it into a motion picture; a moment in which your love is the only focus; one in which you and your beloved are the leading roles.

It's in the way that he captures the seemingly innocuous moments in preparation - the bride getting her make-up done or the groomsmen going for a surf before the ceremony. He masterfully yet naturally captures the nuances of moments that others may simply glaze over.  

Vincent makes even the ordinary extraordinary because that’s what your wedding day is. Yes, it is a day in which you begin something new and is hence filled with expectation and giddy excitement but it is also the culmination of many ordinary days before. The day you first met. The day you whispered to your friends that you think you’ve found the one. The days when you chose to love first and love more. The day you realised this was forever.

So in that sense, your wedding day is a day like any other. It’s a day where you simply choose to love, forever.

Wilder Vincent simply and poetically creates the motion picture to your forever. 

I am so honoured to work with such a creative genius!

His art speaks for itself.  So click here, turn the sound on and hide away from your friends so you can silently (or not silently) cry in peace, ok. 

Sam Vincent needs to be on your list of people to know. Mostly because he's a really great person but also because he will help you see things in a way you haven't before. 

Life is oh so sweet through his lens. 

Much love, 


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