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Happiness delivered. That's essentially what The Posy Post is. 

Brooke, Owner and Founder of The Posy Post

Brooke, Owner and Founder of The Posy Post

Delivering fresh posies daily to Newcastle and Central Coast regions, Brooke and her wonderful team at The Posy Post, are florists on the road. 

They are in the business of making people's day and they show no sign of stopping. 

I recently caught up with Brooke and her team and asked her a few questions about her business.

Tell me about why you started The Posy Post?

Basically, it started as a hobby. Just for fun, I'd always be driving to the Sydney flowers markets in the wee hours of the morning, making up little bunches and attaching cute little notes and leaving them at my friends and families doorsteps before I'd start work each morning. I was also working in Marketing and Consumer Operations at the Newcastle Jets and started to notice that in Newcastle there wasn't an easy, affordable and stylish way to send a cute little bunch of flowers. Having the freedom to create my own business, brand, workday and lifestyle is what I really love. And I also get to spend plenty of time with my son, Lewy.

Why flowers? 

We're just so happy to provide a vehicle to help spread so much love around! Gifting and receiving of flowers is such a special thing that doesn't cost the earth, literally! I'd love to get the business to a point where we have zero environmental impact. When working with nature, we really want to preserve it.


If you had to choose one flower to work with for the rest of time, what would it be?

Garden roses, So perfectly, imperfect. And the scent! Gah!

You run a pretty huge operation at The Posy Post.

Can you give us an outline of what your daily routine is?

I just feel so grateful to have such an amazing team to make our entire operations come to fruition! Logistically, it is a huge task, but basically we'll pick up our flowers from our supplier (we're so lucky to have someone who has a growers stand at the Sydney Flower Markets, so we get all of the best stuff!), followed by lot's of flower care to ensure all of the flowers last as long as possible. Once we make up of all of the bunches, our team of little day makers have the most important job of delivering all of the posies with the most beautiful, thoughtful messages. 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start their own business, what would it be? 

You can't compare someone else's 20 year journey to your 2 year journey.

The Central Coast is an amazing addition to your delivery areas. What's next for The Posy Post? 

We're so excited to be delivering to the Central Coast! At the moment we're just focusing on our posy designs and customer service, but who knows what the future will hold!

You can check out The Posy Post and send someone some flower love today by clicking here

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