Why starting a business is like snowboarding for the first time

One time I went snowboarding in New Zealand. All my friends knew how to do it but it was my first time. It's weird learning to do seemingly easy things as an adult. It's kind of like learning to drive a manual car when you've only ever driven automatic. 
Anyway, before the first day I tried on the snowboarding pants I had borrowed from my dear friend.
They were fitted and really hugged my hips. At that point, I thought I looked pretty good. (Way better than all my friends who had really baggy pants on). Little did I know, the pants I had borrowed were 100% a size too small. 

I got to the end of my first and final day of snowboarding and realised I had three significant holes in my borrowed pants. I had unknowingly been “snowboarding” (emphasis on inverted commas here) whilst revealing far more of my body than I had intended. 


I'm telling you this because sometimes running your own business is a bit like learning to snowboard as an adult. You learn one way of doing it and then the instructor reverses everything and your brain feels like it is freezing over. You feel like you should be instantly good at it, but you're not. All at once it can be weird, funny, uncomfortable and kind of terrifying. And that's without even considering the chairlifts. Don't even get me started on those hell trains. 

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, about 20% of the time I feel like I'm good at running my business. The other 80% of the time? I feel like I did that day in New Zealand when I had snow in my pants and a really sore butt. I've learned to embrace falling over regularly, to be vulnerable, to laugh at myself and to pick myself back up after a tough day. I've learned when to turn my computer off and go see my friends. And most importantly, I've learned how to take a step back, really examine the journey I've taken and remind myself that 2 years ago, 6 months ago, 2 weeks ago, 24 hours ago I didn't even think I would make it this far. 

As entrepreneurs and new snowboarders, we must remember that we aren't always going to be amazing at it overnight. Give it time and whatever you do avoid the yellow snow.

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I’m in your corner.

All my love,


p.s. here is a 6 minute video of snowboard fails, for your enjoyment.