Melbourne Coffee Priorities: 6 coffee spots that every specialty coffee lover needs to try.


A guide to finding the best coffee in Melbourne: from one coffee enthusiast to another.

Melbourne could well be the coffee capital of the world. At the very least, it's the coffee hub of Australia.

The Abbotsford Club, Coffee Supreme

The Abbotsford Club, Coffee Supreme

A lover and respecter of black coffee, I am permanently on the search for a day making brew. I found myself getting overwhelmed at how many options there were in Melbourne, and because life's too short for average coffee, I've narrowed it down to 6 seriously good coffee spots.  

This isn't another blog post listing a bunch of cafes where you can get a delicious vegan breakfast decorated in flowers. (Side note: Can somebody please tell me if these flowers are edible? It's straight up odd) 
If you’re seeking a green juice that will solve all your health issues, you’re in the wrong place. No, this is purely about coffee. It's serious and for serious coffee drinkers only.

Here's where I went and here's what I recommend for those travelling to Melbourne who have a limited amount of time and only want the best coffee. 

6 places that will make your coffee-loving heart happy:

1. Patricia Coffee Brewers

A CBD gold mine, Patricia is perhaps the sole reason that people get any work done in the CBD at all. Best espresso I have ever had? That was right here at Patricia. The standing room only vibe lends itself to drinking a coffee quickly before you hit the road. I like it. 

My recommendation: Try an espresso followed by a flat white. Because it's important to balance these things out.
Check out Patricia here

Aunty Pegs, Proud Mary

Aunty Pegs, Proud Mary

2. Aunty Pegs

Aunty Pegs is your cool aunty who you rarely see because she's on a safari or touring with her band or maybe she works for the UN or something like that. She's not a regular aunty. She's a cool aunty. 

Aunty Pegs is your go to place for black coffee. No milk or sugar on site, these guys are serious. The original coffee nerds, the Proud Mary crew will answer all of your coffee related questions.

My recommendation: Get an espresso and a pourover, take a tour of the roastery and then wander over to the Proud Mary cafe for some lunch. This will be good and will stop your over-caffeinated hands from shaking.

Check out Aunty Pegs here

3. Auction Rooms

The North Melbourne go to, Auction Rooms is the flagship store for Small Batch Roasting Co. The open space makes it the perfect spot to sit and read your favourite book. Combine that with a delicious breakfast and a filter coffee and you've got the makings of a great day. 

My recommendation: Filter filter filter. Yes. Win. 

Check out Auction Rooms here

4. St Ali

These South Melbourne-based coffee roasters know what's up. The vibe is casual and the staff provide great service with just the right amount of sass. This is a great spot to get a bite to eat as well! 

p.s. they are about to open a new location in the CBD. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on their new shop front. 

My recommendation: The Barista Breakfast. You get a flat white, espresso and filter coffee. It's kind of like a tasting board for coffee where the barista chooses the origins for each coffee depending on what is tasting best. 

Check out St Ali here

5. Dukes Coffee Roasters

Yet another CBD saving grace, Dukes Coffee Roasters manage to serve up ridiculously good coffee in a really short amount of time.

My recommendation: Try the batch will make your day wonderful. It's smooth and easy to grab in a take away!

Check out Dukes here

6. The Abbotsford Club // Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme holds a very special place in my heart. The first time I encountered these guys was in Auckland at their then flagship store "Good One". These guys have an amazing ability to make you feel like instant mates. The Abbotsford Club was no different. 
Visit these guys and try not to buy a tee shirt on your way out. I dare you.

My recommendation: Try a batch brew then try a Chemex on the same origin. Your mind will be blown at how different the same coffee can taste by varying the method.
Check out Coffee Supreme here

This is not an exhaustive list, but a great place to start.
Got any tips on where to go next?  Comment below! 

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All photos by Lala Social Club. 

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