How to make your interior "Instagrammable"

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited to share this one with you. Recently, I’ve had many conversations about creating a space that is “Instagrammable”. Yes, it’s a thing and yes it’s a word (I think). I’m so excited to introduce you to Keeley Baird of Something More Design. Keeley and her business partner Liv run a studio out of Newcastle, NSW and have created some epic spaces around the place. I reached out to Keeley to get her take on how to make your space worth ‘gramming. So here goes!

Tell us about what you do at Something More Design? How did you start?

Something More Design is an interior and branding design company with the goal to help our clients have a consistent flow from how their brand looks, feels and speaks to their customers and clients. Olivia my business partner actually reached out to me with this idea of connecting the two and aiming our services at more commercial based clients. We found a lot of the time clients want to open a cafe or start a new business and they outsource both the interior designer and the graphic designer but their brand isn’t consistent or doesn’t make sense at the final outcome. So we aim to create really well-designed businesses from start to end.

So often it seems that many venues miss the mark by just a fraction but it makes a huge difference. What are your thoughts on this? Do you design interiors with Instagram in mind? How do you make a venue “Instagrammable”? 

‘Instagrammable’ is becoming such a common word we hear in our meetings with clients. Most of the time they seem embarrassed to say it but it is such a huge part of our world these days and one of the best places to showcase your business. 

I think it's super important to make a space ‘Instagrammable’ as its almost like free advertising for our clients when their customers post about it. However it's so important to consider the function and flow of every space. The look is what gets people in, but to get people coming back the flow of a space needs to be highly considered in each job.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on?

I think Meet Restaurant in Newcastle is definitely up there as a favourite. It was such a huge project to work on and challenged me as a designer but in really great ways that will benefit our business for our next jobs coming up. 


Tell us about your approach. Where do you source inspiration? And how do you pick timeless styles? 

We really believe in simplicity and clean design. Trends are always coming and going and it’s always great to keep up with them, however, we take the approach in each of our jobs not to stick to one trend and ensure that the space can speak for itself in years to come. We also strongly believe in the saying ‘there is beauty in simplicity’. Not overloading spaces or brands and really allowing key features to flow throughout. 

The two main ways we keep up our inspiration is Instagram and Pinterest. Other ways are the hundreds of design websites I trawl through constantly finding inspiration out and about.

How do you create spaces that look beautiful in photos? Any sneaky tips?

Natural light is a big one! We have really great natural light in our office and always tend to shoot in the middle of the day so it's at its brightest. Trying different angles and approaches too - there are so many ways a space can be shot, so it's always important to experiment and see what works best. If your budget allows too we always suggest a really good photographer - our main girl from The Palm Co. just nails it every time.


What are the distinctions between the roles of an interior designer and an architect? Is there any crossover here?

This one is tricky these days! The course I studied allowed me to cover a lot of the aspects found in architecture - drawings programs, design knowledge, council knowledge, 3D work and the fun parts of the decoration and styling side. A lot of the time and interior designer is seen as someone who chooses decoration and fabrics but its really far from that and that falls under an interior decorator. Most of my days are spent putting together drawing packages, dealing with council to get a DA approved and on-site working with the builders. 

I found this quote that sums it up well the difference:

Interior Architecture is the balancing of the art and science of designing an interior space taking into account all elements of the build.

Interior Design is a broad ranging profession taking into account all aspects of planning and designing interior spaces in the built environment.

We always try to consider the materials we are using, how they will be used and the purpose they serve. We don’t like putting things in a space if they don’t have a purpose or benefit to our clients or their customers. A lot of our work is digital too - Liv and I will always try to present and communicate in a digital way as printing can create so much unnecessary waste.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who’s trying to design their commercial interior/office/venue on a budget?

A lot of the time we find people on a budget don’t want to reach out to designers as they think it will cost them too much - this couldn’t be further from the truth! Most of the time we save the clients money from the knowledge we have in how the fit-out will go, the products we buy and the trades we use. So I would always say engage a designer to see if its a fit. Otherwise, my main advice would be to get multiple quotes! It is amazing how different quotes can range (for example they need a stone benchtop for the space, by obtaining 3 or so quotes you will generally find a happy medium and not be paying the highest first price you received.)

Final question: what’s one pop song you’re embarrassed to say you love?

I was actually driving back from Sydney yesterday and that new Katy Perry song came on - ‘Never Really Over’ and there's this super quick verse in it and I think I listened about 15 times to nail it haha!


Meet Keeley Baird

Keeley is a Newcastle based interior designer, representing one half of the epic creative duo “Something More Design”. Something More Design is a Graphic and Interior design studio based in the sunny Newcastle NSW (good place, I hear). These gals combine graphic and interior design to create kick-ass creative solutions that get you noticed.

Check them out here

The photographs in this blog post were the supplied by Something More Design and feature the wonderful work of Dom Cherry and The Palm Co.