The Lala List: Glee Coffee Roasters


Glee Coffee Roasters.

Central Coast, NSW

I've been working with Glee Coffee for a while now. They are legit. Specialty coffee roasters, cafe owners and all round good people. This group of misfits are serious about coffee. And that's been evident from day one. 

I remember oh so clearly when I first met Chris Gleeson (Founder and Owner of Glee Coffee). He started dating my elder sister, Beth. This strange bearded man who lived on the Central Coast kept coming up to my beloved hometown and the only thing he wanted to talk about (aside from Beth) was coffee. Now at that point, I was 16 and drinking White Chocolate Frappucinos from Gloria Jeans. Terrible, I know. 

He pretty much told me I couldn't be friends with him unless I started to drink real coffee. 

So then he opened Glee Coffee on Darby Street in my beloved hometown, Newcastle. This was monumental for Newcastle coffee. I'm going to be real and say that along with One Penny Black, Estabar & Suspension, Glee were the only place doing reaaaaaally good coffee. 

Now, Newcastle has become a specialty coffee haven with a new cafe popping up each and every week. 

Based out of their warehouse in Tuggerah, the early days of Glee were hallmarked by endless double ristrettos and the daily mocking of Starbucks. This was where it began. Two brothers with passion for a seemingly innocuous beverage. It was a simple, pure, giddy kind of love. And one that we would never forget. 

For the last year or so, I've been looking after their social media. And it has been the best fun. 

Check 'em out. I'm sure you will love them instantly, as I did.