Coffee Loves You Back

Video // Forget who you've matched with on Tinder. You love coffee. And coffee loves you back.

A blog post I wrote for Glee Coffee Roasters.

We’ve all experienced heartbreak. One minute you’re skipping around town with Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” soundtrack playing in your head. And the next minute, you hear the dreaded words “It’s not you, it’s me.” It feels like you’ve been hit by a moving vehicle and everyone around isn’t sure whether to look away or to continue watching in horror. The unrequited love story is one that many of us know far too well.

Thankfully, coffee isn’t like that. Coffee is committed to you. Coffee will return your calls & will pick you up when you’ve had a big night. Coffee helps you move house; helps you with your uni assignments and keeps you awake through all those boring work meetings. Coffee is with you on every first date, on every road trip, on every dreaded Monday morning. Coffee is there for you when you need it most.


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Laura Robertson