10 things to do before you check your phone in the morning.


As business people and just regular humans, we have a tendency of checking our phone before we start our day. It can be anything from Instagram, Facebook, emails, Whatsapp or Tinder. Any or all of these things can throw us into a day of being reactive rather than proactive. Before we have even had our morning coffee we are inundated with texts, direct messages, comments and emails to respond to. It is exhausting and counter productive to say the least. I recently listened to a great podcast with Jack Delosa and Lorraine Murphy and it made me realise that we must regain control of our morning ritual.

So here’s 10 things you can do before you check your phone in the morning.

1. Get out of bed. It seems like an obvious one but you actually shouldn’t be making huge business deals whilst you’re improperly dressed. If your electric blanket is still on, it’s too early to work. That’s a rule to live by.

2. Coffee. However you take it, you need it before you should even consider opening up anything. That includes Instagram.

3. Say hello to a fellow human. If you don’t have a fellow human in your home, go to a cafe or to the gym. Or talk to Siri 😏

4. Make breakfast. If coffee is your breakfast, then repeat step two.

5. Brush your teeth. This wasn’t mentioned in the above podcast. I’ve only just started doing this. Apparently it’s important for your overall personal hygiene.

6. Put on real clothes. None of this working in your track pants business. 
Activewear falls under this bracket too (unless you’re a fitspo blogger, in which case, you go gurl)

7. Go outside. Look at a tree or a body of water of something 🌊

8. Actually take some time to breathe.

9. Put on some Beyoncé and remember who you are. Pretty bad at dancing but pretty rad.

10. Write a list of things YOU want to achieve today. These tasks need to be done before you get to the tasks that are sitting in your inbox.

Then you can look at all the other stuff in your notification centre in that tiny rectangle that takes up so much of our time 📱

It’s a pleasure to do this crazy business journey with you.

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I’m in your corner.