3 things. Recommended by Lala. Part #001

A book, a podcast and an album you need in your life.


A book: Get Remarkably Organised by Lorraine Murphy.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, uni student or a stay at home mum, we all could get a little more organised. This book has revolutionised the way that I think about my week, my daily routines and my priorities. Don’t worry, it’s not dull and boring. Lorraine is honest, funny and speaks right to heart of millennial culture of feeling overwhelmed by social media, technology, clutter in our homes and the feeling of being behind, all the damn time.

You can get the book here.

(I’m not sponsored to advertise this book, I just really like it. But if you’re reading this Lorraine, let’s do coffee sometime, ok? Ok)


A podcast: My Millennial Money

The guys from My Millennial Money are clever and funny and pretty great at their jobs. Led by Glen James (one of Australia’s leading financial advisors), the My Millennial Money podcast has been running since July of this year. Since then they have become the top personal finance podcast in Australia. They cover all the money issues that face millennials; spending habits, buying your first home, dealing with housemates and turning your side hustle into your full time gig. I’ve been a guest on the podcast a few times and it is always, always fun and informative.

You can listen to the podcast on all streaming platforms (Spotify included!)

Check out their website here.


An Album: Leon Bridges “Good Thing”

I didn’t love the first Leon Bridges album all that much. But this album has been on repeat since its release in May of this year. It’s got a Frank Ocean sensibility and I really like that. “Shy” is an absolute hit and I mean, if you don’t dance a little bit when you hear “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be")” then I’ll give you 5 bucks.


Have you got some recommendations for me? Please share below!

Much love,

Lala x