3 Things. Recommended by Samuel Jacob. Part #002

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Today’s guest on “3 Things” is Samuel Jacob. Sam is a wedding and lifestyle photographer from Newcastle, Australia. A storytelling, photo taking romantic, Sam adds a hint of magic, soul and light to everything he captures.

With creativity in their blood, Sam and his brothers Joel and Aaron make up a huge part of the wedding film and photography scene here in Newcastle. (Check out La Lune and Amico Films)

I am so excited to feature Sam on this weeks blog! You can follow Sam on Instagram here or check out his website.


Here are 3 things that Sam recommends:

A book: Scary Close by Donald Miller

I just love that it is raw and so relatable. It’s about a universal struggle that rarely gets talked about; our fear of letting people see who we truly are. This brutally honest book is about dropping the act and finding true intimacy in relationships. Donald Miller is an American author, speaker and business coach. He helps businesses clarify their message. (Hot tip: Building Your StoryBrand is also a must read).

You can learn more about “Scary Close” here.


A podcast: Goal Digger Podcast

A friend introduced me to this podcast recently and it’s brilliant! Discussing practical tips for sole traders & entrepreneurs from an expert in the field, Jenna Kutcher. After almost every Goal Digger podcast I’ve listened to I have implemented changes to either my website, marketing or social media engagement straight away. 


An album: Chase Atlantic - Nostalgia 

I don’t know how these guys aren’t bigger than they are, but I stumbled across them a few years back and I can’t stop listening to them. Really interesting & catchy!

You can listen to the album here

Check out some of sam’s work.